Specken Detail

Various massive woods can be selected, which are painted with amber lacquer. Smaller models are table instruments (without legs); the instruments with an additional lower octave include a four-leg frame with a drawer at the top. The keyboard on the instrument after Praetorius is covered with boxwood, otherwise they are ebony-covered.

Fretted Clavichord after Michael Praetorius 1620   8'8' C/E-c'''
Fret-free Clavichord after Philip Jacob Specken 1743   8'8' C-d'''
Fretted Clavichord after Johann Andreas Stein 1762 (Mozarts Reiseclavier)   8'8' C-f'''
Fretted Clavichord after Christian Gottlob Hubert 1787   8'8' AA-f'''
Fret-free Clavichord after Johann Christoph Georg Schiedmayer, undated   8'8' C-a'''
Fret-free Clavichord after Johann Christoph Georg Schiedmayer 1796   8'8' FF-g'''
Fret-free Clavichord after Christian Gottfried Friederici 1765   8'8' FF-f'''
Fret-free Clavichord after Johann Heinrich Silbermann 1775   8'8' FF-f'''